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Applications delivery group or StoreFront...not both, apparently

Robert Wallace


OK, I have having a difficult time trying to get applications published in XenApp 7.5.  I've tried various machine catalogs and delivery groups, but so far I have been unsuccessful.  I create a delivery group to publish the application, but when I log on to Receiver, there's nothing there.  I've noticed that there is a StoreFront option available when creating a delivery group to deploy desktops, but when I select applications, that option is removed.  When I highlight "StoreFront" in studio, I can see my server, and I can also see that it is used by 0 delivery groups.  I've watched the CBT Nuggets and looked online for answers, but nothing to help me with this particular scenario.  How can I get my app published to the Receiver?


Mine is a testing environment, so everything save for App-V is loaded onto one server, if that makes a difference.  Please let me know if any further clarification is needed (wouldn't surprise me at all).




PS - I really, really hate the new method of publishing apps.

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Ignore the StoreFront node in Studio under Configuration. If you added any URLs, delete them. This causes more confusion that solutions.


In StoreFront console (if in Studio, it's the lower node), go to Stores. On the right is Manage Delivery Controllers. Edit the existing one. Change the Transport Type to HTTP.


On StoreFront server, in Event Viewer, look in Applications and Services, Citrix Delivery Services for errors.

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Progress!  After I followed those steps, I stopped seeing errors in that particular log.  I have received three warnings, however:


"1__Citrix_Store Replication node is Off-line, this may be the first node of the mesh"


"Subscriptions Synchronizer Replication node is Off-line, this may be the first node of the mesh"


"Replication node is Off-line, this may be the first node of the mesh"


I can also now see the app in Receiver, but it's telling me the application is not currently available.  However, I believe that to be a different problem.

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No available resource found for user * when accessing desktop group *.


I also got a message from my client machine about not having an App-V client.  Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but does that need to be on every node on which you need to publish an app sequenced by App-V?

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Well, I've got the VDA configured to the path of my XenApp store and logged in with an assigned user.  On the client machine, the proper message reads "Compatible App-V client is not installed".


Was really hoping to test something that isn't inherently installed on the computer.

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