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Logitech EasySwitch K811 with Apple Layout and Windows Sessions

Fabian Fischer


Hi all,


is there any workaround for the fact that a bluetooth keyboard (Logitech EasySwitch K811 in my case) with Apple layout has no working Windows function keys?

If I connect the keyboard to my Windows 7 notebook, all of the keys work, e.g. cmd is the Windows Key, Fn->Back = delete and so on.

Within a XenDesktop session, I miss all my beloved keyboard shortcuts.


Thanks for any help.

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iOS doesn't allows us to capture function keys as they are used by iOS to control brightness, volume, and other settings. Using your example - Fn+Backspace - would actually lock the device.


The in session extended toolbar can be pinned allowing you to use the DEL key and other key combinations. This can be invoked by the keyboard icon from the button with a down arrow at the top of you session screen.



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