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HA Setup - Unable to login to <ip>

Andrew Rogers

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We're trying to setup HA on a couple of MPX devices, but when adding the node we get an error saying "Unable to login to (node_IP)". The devices can definitely see and login to each other as we've tested both ways via SSH. The RPC passwords are the same, likewise the nsroot password - which I know doesn't need to be.


Can't find anything on this error, anyone have a clue what's the issue?

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After a couple of hours on with support, the RPC ports weren't open on one of the units. Weirdly though, when we setup a service on the second device to monitor those ports, it went green straight away - despite not being able to telnet to the port from the CLI of the same device! Running PS looking for the RPC service showed it to be running too.


Adding the HA node the other way worked though and everything appears to be okay..

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