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VPN from Within Citrix to another location


We have a business partner that needs to connect to their own corporate newtork from within our Citrix environment through the FortiClient SSLVPN.  The partnet provided me credentials for testing but I am unable to get the FortiClient to authenticate from within our XenApp 7.6 environment.


Does anyone know if it is possible to connect to another site via VPN from within Citrix?


XenApp 7.6 with a published desktop

FortiClient SSLVPN v4.0.2297

Forticlient launches, and gets to 98% before it disconnects.

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On 5/12/2015 at 6:03 AM, Adam Shattuck1709152771 said:

most likely at 98% the VPN client is trying to add a virtual NIC with the IP address of the VPN to your virtual desktop. This might work if split tunneling is configured for the virtual desktop and if the VPN allows it. 

Does this split tunneling needs tobe disabled on fortnet firewall?

I am not sure about the firewall setup as it handles by the client. Hwever, i am having the same issue as stated above. 

The VPN works fine without ICA session meaning if i just console the directly from hypervisor and connect to fortinet SSL VPN. No issue observed. As soon as  i connect the vpn form ICA session it diconnects and take me out of session and never let me back in unless i unjoin and rejoin the VM to domiain doem console.

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