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Users configuration manually modified. Cannot be changed by Studio




when I manually edit a Delivery Group, created in Cittrix Studio 7.6, by using Powershell I'll end up with an error/warning from within Studio when openening the Delivery Group properties.


Editing the following filters, breaks the Delivery Group properties:

Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule ‘FinanceDesktop_direct’ -ExcludedClientIPFilterEnabled $true

Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule ‘FinanceDesktop_direct’ -AddExcludedClientIPs ''


The error states:

The Users Configuration has been manually modified and cannot be changed by Studio.

I've attached the error.


Is this behavior by design or a bug?




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I had the same problem and found that I had to create two broker access policy rules for the Delivery Group.


One policy needed the AllowedConnections parameter set as ViaAG 

and the other needed AllowedConnections parameter set as NotViaAG 


New-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -Name <Name>_AG -AllowedConnections ViaAG -IncludedDesktopGroups <DesktopGroup>
New-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -Name <Name>_Direct -AllowedConnections NotViaAG -IncludedDesktopGroups <DesktopGroup>
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