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How to handle INetCookies & WebCacheV01.dat

Daniel Pullen


Xendesktop 7.5

UPM 5.2.1

XenServer 6.5

VM's running Windows 8.1




I have noticed our login times getting increasingly slower over the past few months, from 30 seconds upto 80 in some cases. On further investigation some users have over 7000 files in the AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCookies and a 35mb WebCacheV01.dat file in AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache.


Both folder paths are in the mirror list on UPM but these files keep getting generated.


We have 179 profiles, using agent ransack i can we have over 6GB in webcache files and over 260,00 1kb files.


Do we need them can the older files just be deleted, how is everybody else handling these files?



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Thanks Carl, Ive now updated CPM on our master templates and pushed out the update to our machine catalogs.


I took the plunge this morning and deleted all of the INetCookie files (270,000 files), there are already over 12,000 files again its ridiculous.


Do you think there needed, if not i could create a script to delete from the store every night?

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