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Insight Center Nitro REST API request for historical WAN stats

Brian Fogel

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I am trying to use the Postman utility in Chrome to request data via the REST Web Service of NetScaler Insight Center 10.5.


My real goal is to retrieve historical peak and low WAN latency and WAN jitter from a completed XenApp session.  The Nitro API is entirely new to me.  Can someone can help me with the proper form of the API's REST URL and the payload needed achieve this goal?  Thanks very much!

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Yea, I know any of the latest builds of insight support REST API for pulling information and/or configuration, but I can't find anywhere where I can figure out which commands or what exact parameters can be used. For example, I was hoping to use it to push/configure "private IP ranges" for GeoIP data using it... Its a mystery

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Yea, Carl, sometimes the most obvious is right in front of me there. Always looked right at the documentation link and didnt' even think the documentation for Insight was below the downloads link even though I had looked at it many times.. Now I just need to sort through it and find out if the specific think I was to configure is a command..



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