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Retrieve auditmessages events full history via NITRO API.

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Is it possible to retrieve (using pagination or other methods) auditmessages events via NITRO API?

Citrix NetSacller NITRO API Guide say that you can retrieve maximum 256 messages per/call.

( https://developer-docs.citrix.com/projects/netscaler-nitro-api/en/12.0/configuration/audit/auditmessages/ )

For example API call will be

curl -k --location 'https://<netscaler-ip-address>/nitro/v1/config/auditmessages?args=numofmesgs:256'

but what to do if you need to retrieve events older than in the first 256 queue?

I've tried to use pagination but NITRO shows me events when I specify pagesize from 1 to 3, which means a maximum of 3 events per page. I don't understand the logic of pagination. Also Guide has mistake, because call  pagesize=#no;pageno=#no is incorrect, you should use pagesize=#no&pageno=#no

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auditmessage feature currently limits the number of log messages to 256, so is NITRO API. You may want to raise an enhancement request to NetScaler team if there is a use case to fetch more than 256 messages for you.

About pagination, I am able to fetch more than 3 records. Below query is returning the latest 16 messages of the 256 messages. I have tried on 13.1 release though. let us know the NS version details where you are seeing the issue, we can assist further.

curl 'http://<NSIP>/nitro/v1/config/auditmessages?args=numofmesgs:256&pagesize=16&pageno=16' -u nsroot:XXX

Thank you for pointing the documentation error. We will take care of fixing it.


Swetha Garipally

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