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Receiver for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 classic?

James Slack




Is there a working receiver for WEH 6.5 Classic?


I can see talk of people using this OS with Receiver 11.5, but it looks (to me) like Citrix have completely pulled 11.5 and support for WEH from their downloads.


Can someone confirm if this is the case or if there is a way to connect to XenDesktop 7.6 with these Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 devices.


Many thanks for any info



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Had the official from Citrix... NO SUPPORT.


Their argument against getting something for our legacy clients was that this is an old operating system (Windows Mobile 6.x) that is no longer under support... which is fair enough, however, they did not have an answer why there is no support for WEH 6.5 Classic, but they confirmed that there is no support for this and there is nothing in the pipeline.


For those who use Citrix on handheld devices (barcode scanners etc), your choices are going to be EXTREMELY limited. The only supported OS I can see being sold is Android and the Citrix client for that will be tailored more towards mobile phones over those devices, but we have tested it and it does work.


For us, we have little choice to move to RDP as a solution for our global handhelds... talk about a massive step back. (That or replace a few hundred handheld devices at £1500 - £2500 a go, including handhelds we bought only a couple of months ago as these OSs are the most popular for these type of devices).

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