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XenApp 7.5 MCS does not copy D drive

Andy Zamora




I have installed XenApp 7.5 on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 with vmware ESXI 5.5. I created the master image with two drives C: and D. Then when I'm creating the machine catalog using MCS, it's only showing me one Hard drive  when I'm configuring the virtual machines.



How come is not picking up the master second disk? Is anyone knows how to do it ?


So far I have not found any documents from Citrix.



note:  I selected the option to use "Windows OS" since I'll be publishing the Server Desktop.


Thank you all









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XenApp = RDSH


XenApp is nothing more than a big PC. I don't like calling them servers because they run desktop apps, not server apps. There is no data on the RDSH machines.


RDSH machines are essentially the same as VDI machines. The only difference is that RDSH allows multiple users to login simultaneously to one machine whereas VDI only lets one user per machine.


If you absolutely need multiple partitions, you'll need to create the VMs manually.

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It is obnoxiously absurd that Citrix MCS doesn't support multiple disks.  Sometimes you need to store files locally on a machine that all users can access. Windows 10 has limitations on adding files and folders to the root of C: outside of the profiles and program files directories. There are certain scripts and other utilities, documents, executables, configuration files and other items separately. I do not want to use a network share for this.

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Hey Carl,

Hi guys,


I have also the second drive Issue at the moment in MCS.

How did you do your Pagefile Sizing?

On C:\ Drive? System Managed?

What about UPM Logfiles and Events? Did you handle Logfiles ony that day till Server restart?

(For troubleshooting that should be OK.)


thx & regards

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Hi Guys,


Did you ever get a resolution. I have same issue, we are running on A nutanix cluster and they dont support MCS IO acceleration. So i wanted a secondry persistent Drive D into the master target. So it appears in the newly created machines via MCS. Strangley enough i have got this working in 1 image, but cannot replicate it ? some of the older documentsion just says Citrix dont support muliple drives ? 


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