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Content Switching Virtual Server and Cloudflare Origin Certificates - Multiple certificates shows error "Duplicate domain cert cannot be added"

Gavin Ramm

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I'm playing around with the VPX (Freemium) Version at home and I'm trying to migrate over from Nginx Proxy Manager. I have a few domains hosted at home for services which utilise the Cloudflare Strict Secure connection using Origin Certificates.

I have setup the services, LB vServers and have the CS vServer working as expected, However, When I went to load in another Cloudflare Origin Certificate into the vServer, I receive the error "Duplicate Domain Cert cannot be added"

I've checked the certificates appear to have different names, paths, and serial numbers. However, they have the same issuer, validity period, subject, public key algorithm, and key size. How does the VPX determine the certificates are a duplicate?

...Or is there a better way of doing what I'm trying to do?



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