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HTML5-Receiver 1.4 for Storefront ClientName

Steven Valinski


One issue that I came across with receiver 1.4 was that while they do create a unique session ID, it changes when the local storage for HTML5 is cleared out.  This can happen if you are set to clear content when you close your browser or if you reboot or power off/on.  Some applications tie settings to a specific user.  While this may be ok for most applications, it causes major problems for other applications.


With that, I spent a few hours digging through inspects and code and found a solution that works for my company's needs.  Just complete the following steps: (As always, make a copy of the file prior).

Image 1:  This shows the local storage (left) and Session on the server (right).  This is "prior" to the change:








  1. Open the file "Default.htm.script.min".  This is located in the following directory:  "​C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb\scripts"
  2. Look for the line "if(c.username)".
  3. Above that line add the following:  "localStorage.setItem("ClientName", c.username);".
  4. Save the file and reload your Portal.

Now you should be able to login and see the proper ClientName based off of your portal login as shown in Image 2:




I hope this helps anyone else that was facing the same issue I was.

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On a side note.. if you also want to get rid of  the floating toolbar.. do the following:


Edit the file:  "C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\HTML5Client\configuration.js"


At the top.. change menubar and clipboard to false as shown below.  Save and log in again.


'ui' : {
'toolbar' : {
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@Steven Valinski I know this is a pretty old thread. But do you still have this working on a newer version?

I have version 7.17 installed currently and we have a requirement to have the hostname not a random generated # with html5. we have it disabled currently for this reason. 


Looking at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\PortalWeb\scripts\Default.htm.script.min.js I do not see what you specified above. The closest match I see is prePopulatedCredentials.username=f.username



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