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XenDesktop Director - Lists duplicate server entries

Tom Swift


After a seemingly innocent switch to maintenance mode for all of my Windows 2008 R2 servers running XenDesktop 7.5 VDA's, one machine came back as a duplicate entry and I can't seem to delete it from the XenDesktop Director console.  


Is there a way to clear up the database, as a simple refresh or F5 doesn't seem to do the job?


In the attached screen shot, it's Machine Name: TX-7-8 with an IP of XX.XX.XX.28


Thanks in advance...


Wish there were a DSMAINT RECREATELHC type feature with XenDesktop, or maybe there is and I don't know about it yet.


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Logged this with Citrix and they have suggested the below;


This is a known issue for XD/XA 7.6




Look in to database to verify if the data is applicable or not (if you have duplicate servers).


The query is (perform this after taking a backup of database) :


Delete from MonitorData.machine

Where ID='id-of-the-instance'


To find instance :- You need to check the monitordata.machine table in SQL.

Select top 1000 or select * from this table where name %like = 'name of machine' and you will see two instances


Hope this helps!

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I was having the same issue.  I resolved it rather simply.  I removed the server from the Machine Catalog.  At first, that only removed one entry.  But after about 2 minutes, the other entry disappeared as well.  Once they were gone from Director, I re-added it back to the Machine Catalog [and the Delivery Group]; and now I only have one entry for that server.  Hope this helps.

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