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Director time use 24 hour clock instead of am/pm

Geir Ove Bjorseth


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Hi, Geir,


Currently in Director, in Dashboard trend charts, and the charts in Trends Page, the time is formatted using specific time zone, very similar to the format described in this article:



For en_US and zh_CN locale, it's 12-hour clock; for ES, DE, FR, JA locale,  it's 24-hour clock.


The user cannot change the time format for specific time zone.


Hope this helps.


-G. Yang

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Ok, Im not sure if I understood that right. But I tried to change the settings on my server where director is installed. I changed under Region in Controlpanel input format to German (Germany) and location to Germany.


Still I got the 12 hours clock With am/pm when i look at average logon time, when user logs on and so on.....


How do I fix this?




Geir Ove Bjørseth

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Thats cool, but in this case it also translates all the text in Director to german, not only the 24 hour clock. If it had been easy to made an Norwegian template it would be Nice....but all I'm trying to do is to get rid of the 12 hour clock in director With English menus. Is this possible?




Geir Ove Bjørseth

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On 3/18/2019 at 10:45 AM, Thor Selnes said:

Old topic. but this is the topic I found when I was searching for the same thing.

One solution is using ireland locale :)




You get english with 24 hour format with that. So hope that helps anyone else that search for the same thing...

It should be an option of the director to report in the format the user want's to see the results. Changing locale can have consequences for other programs that need certain local settings for separator and decimal characters, sorting order, keyboard layout, currency sign, language etc. Director is not the only browser based application these day's, use ISO-standard formats (ISO 8601 Data elements and interchange formats – Information interchange – Representation of dates and times) or let the users decide.

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