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Responder for SSL Chrome Problem

Christian Bauer

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Hi Guys,


a customer of us had need a responder from his website example: https://customer.com to https://customer.com/direction/blubb.jsf like this:



"HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
" + "Location: https://" + HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.HTTP_URL_SAFE + "/direction/blubb.jsf 


Its a responder policy and it works fine in all browsers except chrome, there is the following errorcode.




I think the problem came from the changed metadata in html by the chrome browser, he don´t let it works with "moved 301" on SSL.


Can i change the responder on any way to dont change the metadata for Chrome?

Or have you any other ideas for this problem, the customer need the responder and the site must work on chrome.


Netscaler: 10.5



best regards




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Adding this here if any face the same issue as 302 didn't solve the issue for me (06/09/2019).


Two variants to make this work:

1:  add responder action ActRS_Red2Https_NAME respondwith q{"HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently\r\n" + "Location: https://" + HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY + "\r\n\r\n"}

Note the last part of the expression \r\n\r\n. That makes the "magic"


2-  add responder action ActRS_Red2Https_NAME redirect "\"https://\" + HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME + HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH" -responseStatusCode 302

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