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XD7.1 VDA Server 2012R2 and Excel2013 Error more resources

Juan Carlos Seco


- Problems with Office 2013 (excel) when use Citrix Profile Management and folder redirection.
2 x Delivery controller XD 7.1 over Windows Server 2012R2
2 x StoreFront
2 x VDA for applications over Windows Server 2012 R2 
In two VDA servers I have installed Office 2013 Proffesional Plus and I have published excel. 
When I open excel with Citrix Profile Management installed and activated, when I began to write I get a pop-up with the message: "Microsoft Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory or disk space"
And when I try to save the document I get the same message, and excel "crash" and closed.
If I stop the profile Management service. All works properly.
The tests that I had made were:

- Change DCOM config.



- Repair Office 2013 Installation.


- Disable Protected Mode.




Thanks in advance !!!



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To add more information:
evidently the problem is asociated with Profile Manager or simply with appdata redirection because when I active Profile Management begin to fail... also if I active Profile Management WITHOUT exceptions folder, the performance is the same...
Anybody help me???
I dont know how can I change path of AppData for excel or similar...

Thanks !!!!!

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I have the same problem in three different environments. I have had an open ticket with Citrix support since the first of July. Citrix support and I found that CPM 5.x (5.0 and with Windows server 2012 R2 (does not happen on 2012) that is updated with Microsoft patches past September 2013 will cause Office 2010 or 2013 to crash when accessed through a seamless session. Options: Utilize load profiles, roaming profiles or other 3rd party solution. Hopefully a future release of CPM 5.x will correct this issue.

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I solved the same problem start the Windows Firewall Service and disabled the Domain protection Firewall.


I think that the problem is with AppData Folder Redirection.


In one our clients have UPM Profile to one share resources file server and Folder Exclusions (AppData\Local\..., Documents, Images, Links, ...) and one GPO with Folder Redirection to other share resource in the same File server (My Documents, Links and Appdata,...)


When one application generated Excel tmp in user profile appdate\local\temp with Firewall deactivated no open because de compatilibiity view or excel protected mode wasn´t assign correctly open the Excel file archive 

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