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FIPS key, Web Cert issues

Kyle Kaufman

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Having issues with MPX10500 HA pair.  Have a case open with support but have not heard from them since the 29th, not a good sign.   Well anyway it first started with not being able to sync FIPS keys from one appliance to the other but I got that resolved on my own while on the phone with support.  After I was able to export and import keys between appliances I went to create a WRAP key to use to import our SSL wild cards certs that were created with a FIPS key.  Which fails with "operation not permitted"

So I moved on to creating a CSR with one of the FIPS keys I created and sent it off, I received the cert, intermediate and root  for the cert chain and uploaded to the Netscalers.  Then attempted to install and I get the error "No such FIPS key"  which I have been able to find NOTHING on out in any support forums or web searches. 



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I am sure you are using : http://support.citrix.com/servlet/KbServlet/download/9539-102-665378/NS9000_FIPS_6%5B1%5D%5B1%5D.1.pdf

which is a good guide for FIPS device .



Installing certificate on FIPS device :

- use the FIPS key shown in " show ssl fipskey " to create the CSR .

- Send this CSR to CA for generating cert .

- Install cert using " add certkey <certKeyName> -cert <string> -fipskey <fipsKeyName> "



If you are receiving No such FIPS Key error , please make sure that the name of FIPS key you are using is correct and its also listed in 'show ssl fipskey' command.

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5 year old post but still causing issue.


This is a very discouraging issue with very little data. The final fix ended up being to use the CLI rather than The GUI to install the actual certificate. The command is:
add ssl certKey NewCertName -cert ServerCertName.pem -fipsKey FIPsKeyName -expiryMonitor DISABLED
***Also Make sure the private key has been deleted from the server cert pem file or it will fail.

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