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Citrix Receiver and XenDesktop VMs for the visually impaired

Tobias Kreidl


I would be interested in experiences from those who use or support connectivity from the Citrix Receiver on any number of available devices to, say, a XenDesktop VM that has built-in applications configured, such as Windows Magnifier, Dolphin Supernova, Kurzweil, etc. as opposed to configuring a specific stand-alone device like a laptop for use. It would seem more practical, flexible and less expensive to tap into existing portable devices and rather license and provide specialized desktops as VMs. Any feedback along thse lines would be appreciated. We are a fairly large university environment that deals with some specific cases, and currently, for those requesting them, we provide specially configured PC laptops; I am investigatingother alternatives, and this possibility came to mind.

Thank you in advance,


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We have had success with almost all apps since running various Windows updates (Kurzweil, Supernova, JAWS, etc.). I would highly recommend contacting the vendor and ascertaining that its software is considered to be compatible with any specific OS installation and specific hosting platform. All I can say is that we have had very good success in this area.



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jumping on an old post and representing a vendor...:9_innocent:  but for anyone interested in accessibility there have been some fairly fundamental changes in SuperNova Enterprise in recent years, which has also been through the CitrixReady verification process.  


There are no kernel mode components from Server 2012 R2 onwards so nothing to BSOD your server farm!

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