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'Process Communication' status when validating vdisk store


I've upgrade a PVS 6.1 environment to PVS 7.1. During the process it became apparent that the Service account password was lost so I changed the service account.


After the upgrade, When attempting to validate the vdisk store I get 'Process Communication' as the returned status. What does this mean?


Also I cannot create a vdisk larger than 1mb as that is the only option presented when attempting to create a new one.


Another issue is that I cant import vDisks, I'm assuming that this is all related.





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I have found the issue. 


The customers PVS instance has a separate network for Streaming to keep production and streaming traffic segregated. When PVS 6.1 was configured there was a host entry used for the Hostname to map to the PVS LAN IP address.


When I installing PVS 7.1 there is now an option to specify the management IP address. I assumed that this would be the production  LAN address and not the PVS LAN address.


I now see from another Konstantin post, the following ...


Otherwise, in a multi-homed environment we have seen the following action items resolve some replication status/inventory issues:


1) In ncpa.cpl (NIC Binding order) for PVS 6.1 servers - switch the PVS/Streaming NIC to the first place in the bindings. For 7.1 - put Management NIC first.

2) Modify the hosts record on the PVS servers to resolve FQDN of all PVS servers to their Streaming IP 6.1 and Management IP for 7.1.

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Did you change your firewall rules by any chance? Typically Process Communication message means we are unable to contact the remote stores. Check out the following articles: CTX133333 and CTX138795 for port requirements. Also, make sure the PVS service account has read/write permissions to the stores. In this case a CDF trace and a WireShark would be useful for troubleshooting from data collection standpoint.





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I thought that it could have been a remote issue but the datastore is local to the server.


I do have another theory, it turns out that the licenses server in the environment doesn't support PVS 7.1. After checking the eventvwr I see the error... Streamprocess - Unable to contact the license server and Licensing grace period expired. I've raised a change to upgrade the licensing server.

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just fyi if you receive this after changing IP address of your PVS servers: Re-run PVS Config-Wizard.


In my case all works fine after changing IP addresses, however I wasn't able to create new vdisk versions receiving Error "Retry Limit Exhausted Error Code E0070004 " and "Process Communication" when validating Stores.

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