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Moving UPM profile location

Sandy Williams


UPM profiles were setup by the previous admin to go to the users's home drive in a subfolder eg: \\fileserver\%username%\citrix\profile.v2

UPM would create a subfolder called UPM_Profile which would contain the ntuser.dat, etc. so the full path to the profile would be: \\fileserver\%username%\citrix\profile.v2\UPM_Profile


I want to change this configuration mostly because not all of our users have home drives and to not make their profile affect their home drive quota.  The new location will be:





I've followed Bill Powell's blog about migrating UPM Profiles - Tips and Tricks (http://blogs.citrix.com/2012/06/27/migrating-upm-profiles-%e2%80%93-tips-and-tricks/) but I've hit a roadblock.


My initial tests were using UPM 4.1.1 with XA 6.5 and so I upgraded to 5.1 hoping it may help but it hasn't.


I'm trying Technique #2 - trying to fake UPM into thinking it is migrating a windows roaming profile.

1. Delete Locally cached profiles is on

2. I've set the "source" via a TS Group policy  (I've tried \\fileserver\%username%\citrix\profile  AND \\fileserver\%username%\citrix\profile.v2\UPM_Profile)

3. Set the Reg value WFDontAppendUserNameToProfile to 1


The problem is is that it appends .v2 to the end of my path so it is looking for the source profile in \\fileserver\%username%\citrix\profile.v2  or \\fileserver\%username%\citrix\profile.v2\UPM_Profile.v2 and of course it can't find a valid profile.


If I manually copy the profile (the contents under UPM_Profile) up a folder (to \\fileserver\%username%\citrix\profile.v2) then it detects that the profile exists and all is well.


Any suggestions?  I've tried searching for suppression of adding the version to the end but couldn't find anything.

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