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Updating Desktop OS Machines Pending Update

Kim Atwater


Can anyone tell us how to force a base image update on individual machines? We have a small Xen Desktop 7, Windows 7 OS environment. We updated the Machine Catalog yesterday, all but two machines updated and those two are showing "Yes" in the Pending Update field. We have rebooted them repeatedly, logged off, etc. but to no avail. They do not seem to realize there is an update pending.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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Issue mentioned in this thread might be old, but I have faced this issue mentioned in the above thread with XD 7.17. After updating the Machine catalog, rebooted the VDAs multiple times, but still the VDAs didn't get the updated mage and studio "Pending Update" showing "Yes".



--Followed the CTX KB https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX225293


-When  ran the get-brokerhypervisorconnection 


--One of the Host connection state was showing Unavailable, after following the steps (or re-entering the Hyp connection credentials) resolved the issue. Once all the VDA actual power state were reflecting instead of UNKNOWN power state, issue resolved


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Yes, we did resolve this...when we attempted to update the Machine Catalog again (to force the 2 machines to update) it was failing with an Image Preparation error so we uninstalled & reinstalled the VDA on the Master Image, created a new Snapshot and then updated the Machine Catalog and machines sucessfully.

Just a side note...prior to uninstalling and reinstalling the VDA it was taking almost 8 hours to update the machines, after reinstalling the VDA the entire process takes less than an hour now.

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Ok, thanks.. yea, seems like different issues then. I could see a bad VDA install certainly causing issues one off.. I am just seeing this more on Server updating now, whereas desktop MCS updating it would be every now due to issues you describe, but in my case, I have a brand new image with new VDA install and been through it 4 or 5 times to eliminate that.. Multiple installs seeing it.. so I think it might be different. Thanks for your response though!

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