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How can we migrate every event rule and notification set up in the on-premises ADM service to the Citrix Cloud ADM service? I go through the ADM service document but it won't be to much helpfull.

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Quick question i need some clarification on, Anurag.

  1. Are you trying to migrate from ADM On Prem to ADM Service completely ?
  2. If not, why only migrate event rules to ADM Service ?

Today we don't have a way to only migrate event rules alone, but we can migrate the Management and Monitoring option. The Management and Monitoring (M&M) feature includes:

  • ADC Instances, tags, instance groups, profiles, custom apps, config jobs, SNMP, syslog configurations.
  • Sites, IP blocks, network reporting, analytics thresholds, notification settings, data pruning settings.
  • Config audit templates, polling intervals, event rules and settings.
  • RBAC groups, roles, and policies
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