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Does Citrix cloud ADM service allow to set NTP & syslog server like on-prem ADM?

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Hi Anurag,

NTP - We dont have the ability in ADM Service like we can do in On-Prem ADM.

As for Syslog Server, Can you please confirm which use case you want to achieve ?

  1. Do you want to enable the ADM to be the syslog server for all the ADCs ?
  2. Or send ADM specific syslog messages to an external collector ?

ADM as a syslog server use case - ADM can be configured as a syslog server/viewer for all the ADCs from Infrastructure -> ADC -> Select Instance -> Configure Syslog

ADM Syslog messages to external syslog collector - If you want to send ADM specific syslog messages from ADM to external collectors, you can only do this from ADM On-Prem and not from ADM Service.

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