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How to monitor Globally Bound BotNet Profiles using ADM

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Bot Security Violations are enabled and working. I can see events for botnet profiles bound directly on an lb vserver but not the profile bound globally on the Netscaler. I can see the global profile blocking traffic by inspecting the ns.log logfile.

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Hi Kai,

Sorry for missing your last response notification.

Could you please assist me in better understanding this case? I believe you have applied the BOT policy globally and are looking for BOT-insights on ADM. You can see the insights on the ADM if you enabled "BOT-Security-Voilations" on the Vservers. 

Only the enabled vservers will have BOT-Security violations displayed. 

As an example, suppose you have ten vservers and have applied a global bot policy. And because ADM has only enabled insights for two vservers, you can only view BOT insights for those two vservers. 

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