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Access Gateway 5.0.4 and SSL

Conor Lynch

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Hi All,
Can anyone explain how to I can apply SSL certs to an Acess Gateway 5.0.4. The real issue I have is generating the SSL in the first place.
I don't know whether the certificate request should be generated on the Access Gateway or should it be generated from IIS and exported.

As a test I've generated the csr on the Access Gateway and used comodo for a free ssl. when downloaded all components of the cert are .crt files. As far as I can tell from the Access Gateway it will only allow me to import a .pem or .pfx file.

This is a green field site and I've XenApp and Storefront working fine. I can't get the Access Gateway to connect to the storefront.


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The SSL certificate can be created in both places but it would be easier to create the .CSR on the Access Gateway because there are less steps that are needed.

Once you receive the .CER file back from your CA, import it into your CAG using the Import - Server .PEM option. That will bind your signed certificate to your pending request.

Just make sure not to reboot your CAG before you complete the process. If you do this, this will remove the pending request.

Take a look at this video for details on AG 5 certificates: http://www.citrix.com/tv/#videos/2716


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While there may be less steps involved, I usually recommend to generate it on a IIS server for two reasons:
- the risk of rebooting the appliance (intentionally or otherwise) with a pending CSR, and
- I recommend getting a wildcard certificate (which can be used to secure other servers), and I can easily convert a .pfx to .pem (can you convert a .pem to .pfx?).


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