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Load balancing Policies applying to applications

Christopher Morley


I have a Citrix Xenapp 6.5 farm that is split over two sites, I have set up two load balancing policies so that users who login at Site A launch a desktop or applications on Site A and those that login at Site B launch a desktop or applications at Site B, this is based on source IP address and seems to work.

There are a couple of applications that regardless of location need to launch from Site A, which I am assuming I can resolve by adding the Site A Worker group only to the published application but I also want to have some sort of automated DR so that if the servers in Site A are offline the application will launch in Site B.

Is there any way to use Load balancing policies to apply to specific applications rather than filter on IP address, client name etc etc. Am I missing something ?

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You cannot do this on an application basis.

1. publish the applications and add siteA and SiteB worker groups
2. Create a Load balancing policy for the two applications and add the worker groups.
3. give siteA as priority 1. siteB as priority 2.

If SiteA servers fail then siteB takes over automatically and services the applications from siteB and users would not notice this.

You need to click on Set Priority in worker group preference and change the priority.

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Create a new Worker Group and add all the servers and put it to the least priority and this will work.


1. based on siteA filter IP address
2. based on siteB filter IP address
3. based on worker group preference
siteA -- priority 1
siteB -- priority 1
All Servers -- Priority 2.

Note: two sites can share the same priority. This way you will achieve a proper DR solution.

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I have a similar situation except I want to use Load Balancing Policies to set priorities for desktop published app based on users.


Two desktop servers. One server/desktop (server1) has admin apps such as QuickBooks and Quosal that are known to work for the admin users. The second server/desktop (server2) doesn't have the admin apps working yet so I would prefer the admin users always get server1 unless it is not available due to a disaster. The published desktop app is published to 2 worker groups. There is only one server in each worker group. I have a load balancing policy to filter on users and am setting the priority of the worker group with the admin server (server1) in it as the highest priority. This does not seem to work. I think the Published Desktop App is looking at the default load evaluator (server load based on users), seeing the load is lower on server2 than server1 and putting the admin users on the least loaded server, ignoring the load balancing policy.

Any thoughts? Has anyone done anything similar?

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