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Show Net Profile Bindings?

Tim Lazarus

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I create several Net Profiles in v10 a while ago. We are no longer using some of them, so I attempted to remove these. However, I am getting an error that they need to unbound prior to removal. The problem is, they are not bound to anything. Is there is a command to show what the Netscaler believes they are bound too? I've even removed the services they were originally bound to just in case, but got the same error.

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The problem appears to be that once the Netscaler starts using a Net Profile, it won't stop using it and gracefully switch back to the SNIP... Thus, although it may not be bound to anything, it IS still in use. I had to fail over to my secondary and then back again before they would stop using the SNIP specified in the profile. Then I could remove it.

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