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cutildll64.dll Error after Hotfix Rollup 1

Greg Wood


I noticed clients getting an error after HRP1 was installed on our 6.5 farm:


LogonUI.exe - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point UnconstrainedDelegationEnabled could
not be located in the dynamic link library cutildll64.dll

They can click OK (twice) to get around this, but it was generating some calls.

Here's what I found out:

cutildll64.dll (and cutildll.dll) are in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\system32 directory and the C:\Windows\System32 directory.

After HRP1 is installed, only the C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\system32 version is updated (to 6.2.6500.57); the one in C:\Windows\System32 remains at 6.2.057.

We simply renamed the ones in C:\Windows\System32 directory to something else (added .old extension), and that got rid of the errors; however the installer should be updating them both. I'm not sure why they exist in both locations, as Citrix is just looking through the %PATH% statement to find them; it just happens to find C:\Windows\System32 first.

This wasn't enough for us to open a support case on, but I figured I'd throw this out in case anyone else was getting it. This wasn't a fluke occurrence; it was happening on all machines. I'm surprised we saw nothing searching on this; are other people not getting these errors?

1) Do other people have these files in both directories as I showed above?
2) If so, is the Hotfix rollup 1 updating both files for you?

We really didn't do anything custom to our install, other than automate it. No Citrix provisioning services etc, and Xenapp is installed after sysprep, so every Citrix install is a fresh one.



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Hi Greg, I'll check on this tomorrow in my environment but I haven't seen any reports. How are your users authenticating? Do you have constrained delegation enabled? I understand your question isn't specific to what I'm asking, but I'd be interested to know what variables result in the error other than you mentioning the DLLs don't match.

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Hi Jeffrey -

We're not using constrained delegation - just simple passthrough. To me, the error message itself is a bit of a red herring; it's just the fact that winlogon is interrogating an outdated version of that Citrix DLL because the outdated one comes up in the PATH scan first.

Point it at the proper DLL, and there are no problems.


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Hi Greg,

we had the same Problem in our Farm, two XenApp 6.5. After the installation of HRP1, we had the same Message at logon on only one of our two servers.
Today i found your threat in this forum. Thanks, your tipp resolved the Problem. I found the cutild64dll.dll how you described in the two directories of the affected server. On the other server where was ok, this dll i found only in the citrix program directory.


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I found this article while searching for a known fix to the above issue.

I received the same missing cutildll64.dll when RDPing after uninstalling a program and rebooting.

Solution Repair 6.x didn't work for me either, on another article (something about access level, even though i was admin on the box).


the problem was resolved after restoring server to good state;  then by going to System\advanced system settings\Environment Variables\   copying contents of "Path" variable to notepad.

- uninstalling problem program

-then before rebooting, go back into Environment Variables and add back now missing Variable "Path"

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