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Different user logins on one device - is this possible?

Chad Brouwer


We are finally moving away from the legacy PN / custom ica connections so that we can utilize the workspace control feature of the newer Citrix Receiver Clients. The issue that we are having is that we have some workstations where multiple / different users have to login to a published desktop at the same time on the same device(users then toggle between sessions as needed). The newer Citrix clients do not appear to allow me to do this as they simply prompt for a single username and password.

Does anyone know how i can accomplish this? It seems that this would be a common problem since 2010 when PN connections were removed from the Citrix Clients but I am having a hard time finding any useful posts related to this issue.


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Quite old, but still interesting. A customer uses shared logins for departments, because individual login is done in the application. But some resources require user-specific login, and this was possible in PNA with XA 6.0, so I am looking for a way to solve this. Any suggestions?

I could try to configure a SSO-desktop for shared use and in the desktop a new store or connection that requires an individual login.

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