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Prometheus Metrics Collector broken with latest firmware

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Well, disregard. I hadn't put .63 in. Once I did that it was fine. Must have been something with .61.

So I setup Prometheus and Grafana for testing out metric collections. After updating firmware I no longer have data in Grafana. Going and checking the logs I see the output log file is empty, and in metricscollector.log file I see the following error


start ERROR: Invalid schema file : /var/metrics_conf/schema.json: cannot open file Fri May 12 15:21:27 2023

start ERROR: Dynamic schema init failed for profile ns_analytics_time_series_profile Check if schema file and file_path is valid!! Fri May 12 15:21:27 2023


The schema file has not changed and looks fine.

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Hey Jeff, thanks for trying the Prometheus integration capability. Which NetScaler firmware version are you trying ? It should be 13.1-42.47 or later.

Secondly, I want to ensure you are trying out the latest documentation - https://docs.netscaler.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/ns-ag-appflow-intro-wrapper-con/prometheus-integration.html.

From the error logs it seems, there is some issue either in the schema.json file. Check if there is no comment on the top that starts with /* in this file.



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Hi All, please restart metricscollector to overcome this issue <pkill -9 metricscollector>. The fix should be part of the 13.1 49.4 release. Also, this issue happens only if metrics is enabled in AVRO format on any analytics profile. If ADM analytics is not used, please disable metrics on the associated analytics profile.

cc @Jeff Riechers​ @Komal Bhardwaj​ @Peter Götze​ 

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