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How to run show ns connectiontable from inside the shell

Ron Ikonomou

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Two questions:
1. I am writing scripts to automate the cli for our team, and I need to be able to execute the "show ns connectiontable" command from within a script in the shell. Is there a way I can do that?

2. We have enabled web logger which sends NS data to our syslog server, however, we want to get reports for admin user access using the newnslog instead, or any other resource from the cli. Your help will be highly appreciated for both questions
Ron I

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Web logging and audit logging are 2 distinct features.

Web logging shows user access to web pages, and uses an external NSWL machine.

Audit logging, available globally, plus for the areas that use user logins, sends data out to either an external SYSLOG server, or to an external NSLOG server. The latter is in a proprietary, non-textual, format, needing the use of the "nscomsg" command in the BSD shell on Netscaler, so I'm not sure how you can acess that file.

Whilst Syslog shows / can show all the audit / event information you need, newnslog also contains performance data.

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