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Network interface problem after adding 3th host to pool

Pawel Czernicki



I've got pool with 2 hosts and network configuration as shown on pool_before.png (each server has got 2 nics: eth0 and eth1). After adding the 3th host (the same physical server model) to pool instead of having the same number of networks I have duplicated Network 0 and Network 1. When I'm creating new vm on the 3th host I receive error - "This VM needs a network that cannot be seen from that server".

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All but Pool Leader option (non-current host) says "this vm needs a network that cannot be seen from that server." The Pool Leader (not current host) says “PIF has no network config .” Shutting Down the VM will eventually allow me to migrate to any server with no issues. I can live migrate vms to this host and between the other hosts just fine. I have removed and added host back into pool.

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7.0 was not the greatest release and why 7.1 was released so quickly. My advice is upgrade to 7.1 LTSR or 7.6 

and more than likely your issues will resolve. If you don't want to upgrade your XenServer version you could

try just getting the agent on the latest and see if that helps.




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