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Included folder is synchronizing most of the files, but not all



We are testing a new Outlook add-in that stores files in the LocalSettings\Apps\2.0 folder. I added this folder as an included directory to our profile manager settings. Everything is syncing properly with the exception of about 15 files in one of the sub folders. The sub folder names are unique to each user, so we can't drill down any further in the folder inclusion settings. I have logging turned all the way up, but don't see any references to the files being deleted. Also tried upping the retries on locked files from 5 to 10. I'm out of ideas at this point.

Profile Manager and

2003 R2 and XenApp 4.5 Rollup 6

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As this isn't a production environment, can I suggest you try using UPM 3.2.2 (see http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX127554 ) and adding the LocalSettings\Apps\2.0 folder to the "Folders to mirror" policy.

My suspicion is that these files are being created by some mechanism that defeats the normal UPM file detection mechanism. Using "Folders to mirror" will cause the troublesome directory to be explicitly scanned for differences.



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This issue is still valid - we are running XA7.15.4 / Win2012R2 and having multiple users working with Excel COM plug-in which installs in the following folder c:\users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0

By default the Citrix UPM has been configured to sync the content of the \appdata\local folder (with some exceptions but not this particular add-in)

During the initial installation the plugin works fine. After subsequent logons the plugin do not work anymore. I've found that not all files from the plugin folder are being synced by UPM in the users profile and thus this prevents it from starting properly during next logon.


The solution was to add the plugin folder in a Citrix policy -> Folders to mirror , using the "citrix" format: !ctx_localappdata!\Apps\2.0 


After that recreate all faulty profiles. Ask the users to install the plugin again and upon logoff all files has been synced properly by UPM.

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