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"Invalid boot sector" when starting a vdisk through a target device

Bernd Kreuzinger


can someone help me?

I am working under two different XenApp Prov. Server 5.6 evaluation environments (one under Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V and one under VMware Workstation).

I both environments I have a Master Target Device with XenApp 5 Server 2003. The PVS Target Device Software is installed and I have used the XenAppPrep-Tool. I have build a new vdisk with the Image Wizard on the PVS Server, then I assigned the vdisk in Standard Mode to another Target Device, - all works fine...
When I boot the target device (under Hyper-V, VMware Workstation, Virtual PC) from vdisk I get the message:
"Invalid boot sector"
In the PVS Console I recognize that the target device locks the vdisk.
The same result "Invalid boot sector" when I boot the Master target device with the vdisk in privat mode.

Have anybody an idea?
What could be the reason of "invalid boot sector"?
Is there any issue in using Hyper-V, VMware Workstation or Virtual PC?
Or works PVS only under XenServer / VMware ESX?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

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I am having the same problem with PVS 5.6 SP1, did anyone find a solution for it?

I am not even able to boot the vdisk on the master target device?

I am also using Imaging Wizard, does Imaging Wizard in anyways Asume things around PXE, My PXE isn't working write, so I am trying to use the BDM to Boot the master target device.

Any suggestions?

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Here is how I resolved it, step 6 was the catch

  1. Add disc to VM (10% additional size)
  2. Do the p2pvs to copy old vdisk on this new hdd
  3. boot from hdd
  4. uinstall AV
  5. Detach nic (take note of MAC address and VLAN) and install Xenserver or VMware tools
  6. uinstall the old target device software (this step I missed which was repeatedly giving invalid boot sector error or vdisk not available, check PXE)
  7. install new target device software
  8. Run the imaging wizard
  9. Complete the vDisk build first part, before boot change the boot order to be network,
  10. complete the next part of the vDisk build this might take upto 6 to 8 hr


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