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NetScaler ns.log 101 question.. Why did my NetScaler HA failover?

Simon Cooper

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I have a support bundle created 24hrs after a failover of an HA pair.

ADM tells me there was a failover but nothing else.

were in the logs can I go to find if there was any reason for the failover recorded?

Can you point me at any KB articles ect. on the subject of Why my NetScaler failed over?


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Hi Simon,

Have you ever tried uploading the support bundle to CIS (https://cis.citrix.com/) for a quick analysis?


This is the supporting tool and everyone can use it via your Citrix account credential. Once you log in, go to "Workspace" and click "Tools". Following the dialog, you can upload the support bundle file and it will automatically analyse all the logs for you.

After a while, an email will be sent to you, with the link for you to read the result.

See whether this online tool could help you troubleshoot first. Surely, any NetScaler with a valid support maintenance could also open a support case in your scenario.

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Yes, we uploaded the support bundle from the current Primary to CIS and it didn't show anything of note.

We have issues with uploading the support bundle for the secondary, CIS reports it is corrupt and we have a ticket open for this with Citrix.

I was wondering, as I can unzip the the support bundle and all looks fine, if there was anywhere within the files were I can look and maybe see why the failover happened?

thanks for the response, appreciated


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Oh. Then I think I will let our techsupport to give you an professional answer as there must be other log files providing more visibility and deep investigation.

Just one thing: normally, I would look into the ns.log files (maybe zipped into different versions already) around the failover timestamp and from that file, looking for any abnormal events happened around/before the failover happened. Surely, it might just give you the abnormal event (e.g. link down). The root cause behind that might need further analysis.

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