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Desktop Icon Position

Lukas Grow


Hi Everyone

I'm not sure if this is the right Forum but i'll give it a try

We're using XA 5.0 Ent on W2k8 R1. Mandatory Profile with Flex Profiles to store several user-settings, Redirected Desktop Folder

when user loggs off and on again the desktop icons positions are back to standard (all on the left side). I know where this information is stored in the registry, and those registry keys are being saved via Flex Profiles...but it still doesn't work. Maybe explorer.exe is already started before the icon position information is restored.

The funny thing is, on a other farm (same versions of OS, XenApp and Flex Profiles) it works.

So am I the only person who discovered this Problem? As I have not found useful information about this issue anywhere. (Solutions like the infamous layout.dll are not what i am searching for)

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Same here, a user reported her desktops icons reset their position every time she logs on. Also she reported some of her shortcuts magically disappeared during the session once.

I understand when you RDP between different monitor resolutions desktop icons will get rearranged/reset. However, in this case it's not RDP and user is on the same monitor/thin client all the time.

Any idea where to start on this?

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This info is stored in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\1\Desktop\FFlags key. UPM just copies the contents of this key but these settings could also be set via a GPO and thus not save as expected.

Also some more info is found in below link.

Also be aware of settings like “Auto Arrange” and “Align icon to grid” and verify they are turned off.

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