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Intranet Application 32 limit


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Here's the details:
All known versions of AGEE. We are currently running
To recreate: Create 33 or more Intranet applications and apply that to someones group or groups.
The issue comes in where the number of servers on our side is in the thousands. Currently we have hundreds of resouces that tens of thousands of users access. Some users may access to one or two resources, while others may have access to over a hundred. In order for it to work with the 32 limit, we must now create Intranet Applications stretch across large subnets (ex. 10.5.x.x to 10.150.x.x). When you do this, the chances of IP conflict go way up.
Ideally we would like to just create the Intranet applicaiton with just the IP address, or even a smaller subnet, but with the complexity on our side, we are forced into capturing much larger ranges.
We created a ticket on this, and they said about a year ago they would be changing this, but nonthing has happened since.

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I had this problem where my customer had some additional IAs to add to their existing VIP that is used for their VPN with the NetScaler Gateway Plugin. NetScaler Gateway 11.1


They had 126 IAs bound and wanted to add and additional 3 IAs. After adding them I received " NetScaler Gateway: 1013: Failed to parse configuration. Check the connection log for more information (5)." when trying to connect.


Reducing the IAs to 128 allowed the config to be downloaded, Citrix have confirmed that there is a limit of 128 when using the VPN and there is an enhancement request in the pipeline.


No documentation on Citrix's website about these limitations though....

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