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Recover Deleted VHD file

John Edwards



I have accidentally deleted a vhd file that I critically need. I have a backup, but it is a week out of date and it would be great to get the live file back.

I have a stand alone Xenserver (5.5) with internal EXT3 storage repositories. On a weekly basis it dumps some vhd's with critical data to a backup unit.

I have accidentally deleted one of the live vhds. I instantly shutdown the Xenserver and removed the disk in question - this leads me to believe my data is still on the disk I just can't get at it.

Does anyone have any experience of recovering these .vhd files using foremost or scalpel or alternative...

TIA for any assistance offered.

Edited by: John Edwards on Feb 1, 2010 11:56 AM

I am now working on some test HDDs with some old vhd files on them. I have deleted the files and I'm trying to recover them using ext3undel ...

Not too confident that it will work though, I'll post the results. all suggestions welcome

Edited by: John Edwards on 02-Feb-2010 01:35

No joy with ext3undel

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Thanks for the reply Alan.

I'll give it a go after my current attempt on some test data using Disk Internals Linux Recovery 2.2 has finished.

My concern is that having actually deleted the file with the equivalent of the rm command (xe vdi-destroy) all the the inode pointers to my data will have been zeroed out. Effectively I have swept away all my breadcrumbs and all I have left (I think) is the data in the blocks.

I'll try anything though =)

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I personally recommend you to use only trusted utility. Always check digital signature and malware free certificate. 


Check the stated features in Free Demo Version of VHD Recovery Software:


  • Recover Permanently Deleted Files from VHD and VHDX
  • Recover Deleted Partition from VHD and VHDX
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  • Recover Files from Unhealthy VHD and VHDX DIsk, etc.

many more features, you can check all from dedicated page. 


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