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Automating your network for operational excellence


Rohit Raveendran

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Harnessing the potential of cloud technology can drive innovation and agility within organisations. Getting in the way are cumbersome workflows, manual tasks and human errors. 
Automation emerges as a solution, working to eliminate repetition, reduce errors, streamline workflows, and bolster security measures. From testing to production, enterprise IT teams are embracing automation technologies. NetScaler and Red Hat® Ansible® stand out as key enablers, offering supported solutions that pave the way for future-ready automation, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.
Join us in this webinar where we will talk to you about:
  1. Importance of Network Automation for DevOps & Platform Engineering.
  2. Why use Citrix NetScaler with Ansible Automation Platform?
  3. Benefits of Citrix NetScaler and RedHat integrations



Konstantinos Kaltsas
Lead Product Manager

Cameron Skidmore
Global Partner Solutions Architect,
Red Hat



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