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Enhancing DNS security: NetScaler's role in facilitating encrypted DNS traffic with TLS in Proxy Mode


Isha Khurana
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Tune in to the 30 min technical hands-on Live Demos delivered by our NetScaler Engineers. This session is curated for users who are day-to-day users of NetScaler or are willing to get acquainted with the NetScaler solutions. Learn directly from the experts and ask any questions live on the configuration, troubleshooting and best practices.Recording will be available here soon


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Do you require secure DNS but are constrained by outdated servers?  Now you can proxy your DNS queries over TLS. This technique lets you encrypt your DNS requests with TLS, even if your servers only understand plain text. Think of it as a translator, converting modern, encrypted queries into a format your outdated systems can handle. This means enhanced privacy and security without ditching your legacy infrastructure. Sounds like a win-win? Dive deeper and discover how this innovative approach can protect your data while keeping your DNS functioning smoothly. 

In this live demo, our NetScaler experts will showcase

  • How NetScaler facilitates encrypted DNS traffic using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol in proxy mode


@Uttam Somani

Product Manager


@Bibek Ranjan Sahu

Sr. Software Engineer


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