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    rasmusraunnielsenrnd.jpg by Rasmus Raun-Nielsen, CTA

    At events like Citrix Synergy, so many opportunities and events are available that quite frankly, it gets overwhelming, even for alumni attendees like myself.

    At my first couple of Synergy events, I was almost solely focused on regular sessions, not leaving much time for other types of learning, networking or contribution. After some years of "just" attending those regular sessions, I noticed the Match.Geek-event: A concept of 30-minute discussions in groups of a maximum of 5 attendees. This “micro session format” makes it possible to have deep technical dialogue in a bit more relaxed – or as we say in Denmark, "hygge"-like atmosphere.

    The first time I attended a Match.Geek event, I remember feeling excited, and a little nervous, as I was used to the rather passive attendance and as an introvert personality, also the comfort of the regular presentation session format. Attending the Match.Geek turned out to be something different, exciting, and engaging, and I left the session with a feeling of wanting to become more engaged and active at these types of sessions.

    Since then, I have signed up for the Match.Geek sessions at each attended Citrix Synergy and I continue to get the same key take-aways: Great technical discussions, getting to know new people and having a lot of fun!

    This year I have the honored opportunity as a Citrix Technology Advocate to be able to give back to the program by being a host on one of these sessions. This will be at SYN509 - Tuesday 22nd of May from 3 pm to 5:30 pm at GWCC, Building C. Level 1, Hall C2, Match.Geek Table 10, to be just a little more specific.

    The topic will be Citrix Virtual apps and Desktop. I am ready to talk about real world examples from the many customers and projects I have been involved in over the years and all the different aspects involved, in particular regarding virtualization of graphics and the end user experience. However, it is up to those who sign up, in which directions the discussions will be heading!


    Rasmus Raun-Nielsen is a Sr. System consultant at Conecto A/S, a Danish Platinum Citrix Solutions Advisor. He has been working with Citrix' products since Metaframe XP in 2002 and been in contact with almost all the different layers and components involved in virtualized application delivery.

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