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  • What a Fantastic Citrix Synergy 2019 (and Match.Geek)


    rasmusraunnielsenrnd.jpg.7f503c6c6d02d8ab1ba9863e8a9250cb.jpg by Rasmus Raun-Nielsen, CTA

    Besides a lot of great information on the vision, strategy and technical improvements from Citrix, this Synergy brought some more personal experiences for yours truly. Not only did I get to meet a lot of the CUGC community members, but I also got the chance to meet the people behind CUGC and thank them for their great work (and I got to host my first Match.Geek-session! YAAAY!)

    As you may have read in my previous blog here, I have had the pleasure of attending the Match.Geek-sessions at previous Synergy conferences - This year, however, was going to be a bit different for me…

    On the day of the session, the actual amount of attendees was between 3 and 7 for the session, so not as tough as I expected or as my amygdala would have me believe. The format makes it possible to have some great technical conversations, "hygge" and fun. People were very nice and friendly and the fact that they had reserved their time to talk to me still triggers my humility when I think about it.

    The topics were spanning a lot of technologies: From Linux VDAs, how Load Evaluators work, differences in Display Protocols, Resource optimizations and sizings and, of course, virtualization of graphics. The demographics of the attendees were from national government and small non-profit organizations to multinational corporations, from healthcare to manufacturing, from social media providers to investors–all seeking to deliver the best user experience possible through the use of Citrix technologies. The dialogues were in a good flow and every attendee contributed to the topics discussed, leading to even further discussions taken outside the Match.Geek. Each session felt like time flew too fast and we could have spent double the amount of time or more. A special thanks to fellow CTA, Jits Langedijk from Nvidia, who contributed a lot in the graphics discussions as well as on the Citrix technologies. Much appreciated!

    I will highly recommend attending either the Match.Geek-sessions or the Lunchtable Tech Chat-sessions, as they provide the ability to have discussions and dialogues with others in a more dynamic way. For me, it was more than worth the time spent and my impression and feedback from the attendees are, that they took some good knowledge and experiences home with them and hopefully some "hygge" as well.

    How do you feel about meeting and tech-geeking with some "great fellows you just haven't met yet"?

    Rasmus Raun-Nielsen is a Sr. System consultant at Conecto A/S, a Danish Platinum Citrix Solutions Advisor. He has been working with Citrix products since Metaframe XP in 2002 and kept his interests and focus in the virtualized application delivery space.

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