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  • WEM Agent v4.5 Upgrade Issues


    srinivasanshanmugamrnd.png.6fe6852beecfd95103de9a67e0924ce1.png by Srinivasan Shanmugam

    WEM Agent Upgrade from v4.3 to v4.5 – Issues

    WEM Infra, DB and console upgrade went fine without any issues. I ran into few issues when upgrading WEM agents, I have documented them.

    Agent Synchronization Issue:

    From WEM 4.5, LocalProcessOptimization history is consolidated into local database whereas in earlier it was a xml in local database location.

    When I tried to refresh cache after upgrading agent, got the below error.


    Local database files were not updated.


    Event log showed that LocalProcessOptimizationHistory table doesn’t exist in the local database. 


    Stopped WEM Agent service.


    Cleared the local database files from the server.


    Started WEM agent and NetLogon services. 


    After starting WEM agent service, local database files were created from Template DB files with same size.


    Then I refreshed the cache, synchronization worked.


    Database files were updated. 



    Local DB path for persistent machines -- C:\Program Files (x86)\Norskale\Norskale Agent Host\Local Databases

    PVS Targets -- WC Disk, in my case its D:\WEMCache.

    When clearing the local DB files on PVS targets, you need to do it on all the machines as it is stored in WC drive (which is persistent). I used ControlUp to stop the services on multiple servers and deleted old files. You might need to create a script to do the same.

    WEM Agents on servers’ part of Sites with RODCs:

    WEM Agent v4.5 either upgraded from v4.3 or direct install on servers’ part of AD Site with RODCs doesn’t work.

    When logging into server in RODC Site, I get the following error.


    When I checked event logs, I saw that Error while retrieving user token groups list.


    Then I opened VUEMRSAV.exe to check the logs. Environment Settings & Agent Settings were listed correctly but Applied Actions were empty. When I checked User Groups Membership, it was empty too. As WEM agent couldn’t retrieve user’s group membership it didn’t apply any actions.


    WEM Agent Log from %userprofile%


    When I uninstalled WEM Agent v4.5 and installed Agent v4.4, everything worked.

    Find below the behavior from Working server in a Site with writeable domain controller.


    WEM Console issues:

    When users login to servers having WEM agent issues in RODC Site, it creates NULL entries for the users in WEM database. As a result, WEM console stops working more frequently with following error.


    I had to run the following query and clear the NULL entries to resolve the console issue.



    So, I am running WEM agents v4.5 in writeable DC sites and WEM agents v4.4 in RODC sites. I have a case opened with Citrix, I will update you once I hear from Citrix support.

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