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  • Welcome Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) Class of 2017!


    perrinecramptonrnd.png by Perrine Crampton, Citrix

    Wow! What a year!

    We had 30 applications this year. Thank you, all who applied. We are honored by your dedication to community and giving back to the technology community!

    You have probably seen the tweet, the blog post and the updated awardees page; but here is what you might not have seen about our 8 new CTPs:

    We asked the CTP applicants to "Tell us about yourself! Why do you want to be a CTP?" I just had to add a comment in the help text of the question "Bonus points are always awarded for creativity! :-)" Well, they took that and ran with it! Here are their responses. Enjoy! 

    Danny van Dam: "(If I’m named a CTP) – after my colleagues manage to find the defibrillator to get me back up again to recover – the first thing I would do is thank Citrix and the community for the honor of becoming a Citrix CTP on all major social media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter) and then write a blog on my site to express this even more.”

    Dave Brett: "I want to be a Citrix Technology Professional because I think it signifies being a respected Citrix Professional as well as being a great and outstanding Citrix community believer and contributor."

    Eduardo Molina: "If I’m selected as a CTP, it will be a real honor to become part of the program, I will start by listening and learning from seasoned CTPs so I can provide the best value to the program I can."

    Marius Sandbu: "What I would do once I'm a named CTP? Celebrate!”

    Nicolas Ignoto: " I have already made strides by bringing the very first Citrix User Group Community to my employer's NYC headquarters, and am eager to spread that enthusiasm to other areas of the Citrix community, as well."

    Ryan Revord: "(If selected), the first thing I'd do is tell my wife, while tweeting/blogging/chatting in IRC would all follow rapidly after she'd be the first to know (or else she'd kill me in my sleep, I think)."

    Samuel Legrand: "The first thing I’d like to do if I’m named a CTP) is to update my lab to the latest available CTP version to share my inputs. "

    Simon Gottschlag: "(Once named a CTP, ) I would most likely also do a victory lap around the office!”

    Again, congratulations to our 8 newbie CTPs and to our 42 renewed CTPs:

    Aaron Parker, Alex Cooper, Alex Ervik Johnsen, Andrew Morgan, Andrew Wood, Barry Schiffer, Bas van Kaam, Benny Tritsch, Carl Stalhood, Carl Webster, Chris Rogers, Claudio Rodrigues, Connie Barrera, Dane Young, Esther Barthel, Helge Klein, Jarian Gibson, Jason Samuel, Jim Moyle, Jo Harder, Joe Shonk, Kees Baggerman, Mike Nelson, Neil Spellings, Paul Stansel, Remko Weijnen, Ruben Spruijt, Sacha Thomet, Sam Jacobs, Shane Kleinert, Stephane Thirion, Steve Greenberg, Theresa Miller, Thomas Koetzing, Thomas Krampe, Thomas Poppelgaard, Thorsten Rood, Tim Mangan, Tobias Kreidl, Tom Gamull, Trond Eric Haavarstein and Wilco van Bragt.

    We agree with their sentiments! What they (and you-all) do for the technology community is pretty awesome!

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