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  • The Future of Work is Today NOT Tomorrow Part 2: What's In It?


    ljmartinrnd.png by Lyndon-Jon Martin, CTA, Citrix

    Hi folks, this is the second post in my blog series on “The Future of Work is Today NOT tomorrow.” My first post is available at: https://blogs.mycugc.org/2019/03/17/the-future-of-work-is-today-not-tomorrow-part-1/.

    My first post had a significant impact (a lot more than I initially thought) and the number of folks (worldwide) asking me questions has been pretty incredible. Therefore, I’ve published a few social media posts ahead to visually show what is in my new Citrix Workspace (an example post below) to reduce the tidal, NO, tsunami wave, of questions.



    The picture above depicts my current Citrix Workspace, but it didn’t start out as that. It actually evolved from v1, which was a hardback executive paper book + pen, iPhones x2 and my backpack with stuff in it. Why add the pen + paper? A work colleague of mine John Moody made it to the final round of an internal contest and in it he talked about the importance of pen + paper vs. its digital equivalent today, including research outcomes which he discussed that are spot on. In summary, I can recall conversations better with clarity now and a noticeable benefit, I’m a happier person too. Thank you, John.

    On 12/02/2019, I embraced “The Future of Work is Today NOT Tomorrow” after doing a lot of research (into primarily being comfortable) that I could in-fact effectively execute in the field with my chosen smart devices beyond my own personal requirements, which are to present, demonstrate and take notes during customer/partner meetings or at events. The key concern, or rather, consideration with my “flexible workspace in the field” at 865g (see next image below) was, how do I present from my iPhone(s) consistently as it doesn’t have an HDMI adapter built-in? On a side note, it is great to see how many customer meeting rooms thankfully now support HDMI today. To overcome the challenge, I researched ways to present vs. mirror iPhone displays onto TVs, projectors, etc. And after a lot of research, including testing of casting vs. adapter cables, the ultimate method is to use Apple’s own official adapter for your device that outputs to HDMI for the following key reasons:

    1. It does NOT require a power source to make it work but is optional to charge if you choose (it’s a choice thing vs. "I used my iPhone way to much and why not charge it while presenting from it").

    2. The output quality is far superior. Period.

    3. Any installed app will output its display BUT only with an official Apple adapter.

    Back to pen + paper, I also researched what John Moody presented on and consumes actively day to day, which I now do myself. I'm a consumer of Rocketbook – http://getrocketbook.co.uk (Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL2aOGwm3Ak) which allows John, me and many other Citrites the freedom of using pen + paper without all the noise and distractions of notifications from your smart device and its digital pen ("I need to be charged" buzz). The notifications are a major distraction (memory recall) as they subconsciously get you thinking about the next meeting, or call, or responses you need to write as emails later. While you are physically in the room, your working mind + thought process simple isn’t.

    1. I’m saving how many trees? Its not proper paper you see ;)

    2. If I do accidentally manage to lose my Rocketbook, the IP loss is limited to the number of pages in the booklet you choose vs. an entire executive hard back book which contains most likely a full calendar year's worth of IP, your personal thoughts vs. opinions, etc.

    3. If I make a mistake vs. completed a customer/partner meeting, and I have scanned my notes (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rocketbook-citrix-sharefile-john-moody/), I can simply just wipe it away with a bit of water and the provided cloth or the back of the Rocketbook pen and the new versions are microwavable with a cup of water (always read the label!) to remove the written text and drawings in your Rocketbook.

    4. They carry a wide range of sizes. I chose the mini as I wanted to be light and flexible, with no backpack, remember.

    Finally, my NEW flexible working style is adaptable–not just in terms of the business outcomes I can acheive (for my role) mapped to technologies, but it can transition from comfort to ultra light as required by season, weather, or my own mood. I spoke briefly in my first article about two of everything between home vs. office (docking stations or 2x A/C power adapters, mouses, curved vs. multi-monitor screens etc.) and if you are happy with working like that today, that is fine. BUT, when it does come time to upgrade, think about how do you actually want to work vs. consume work to complete tasks/actions = outcomes. Also think about the amount of money (+time to research) that is spent between you and/or your employer while keeping in the forefront of your mind that earth’s natural resources are limited including your “carbon footprint waste,” etc., all for the sake of enabling your “Agile + Flexible working style” which effectively equates to carrying around a Laptop/MacBook under your arm (see below image) vs. in a handbag vs. suitcase vs. backpack and then plugging it into some power outlet vs. docking station at the office, keyboard + mouse and then again when you get home to display your workspace where you want it. It sounds crazy, but the reality folks do this to enable an agile + flexible way of working when this can easily be achieved when embracing and consuming a Citrix Workspace within your chosen Workplace setting.

    What I have found is that yes, I still do need a keyboard, mouse and larger screen but it’s for the creator part of my field or modern office worker persona which is about 12-17% today and even then I often switch the consuming context of my Citrix Windows 10 virtual desktop between my MacBook vs. Tablet  vs. Citrix Workspace Hub – https://citrixready.citrix.com/program/workspace-hub.html depending upon my personal preference + mood.


    In wrapping up Part 2, adopting “The Future of Work” or flexible working – https://www.gov.uk/flexible-working (modern or digital workspace) does also mean stop and think about or, at the very least, consider what physical device(s) and stuff do you actually require in your new modern workspace + workplace? How much money CAN you save your company by adopting a single smart device strategy for example the field personas (smart phone with larger display) and for the new modern office workers (tablets with keyboards + mouse they move with you BUT most importantly casting your screens getting rid of all those cables [VGA, HDMI, ...] that cost how much? Also, all those static keyboards, mouses and dual monitors attached to hot desks that employees can't take with them between floors or home? But they can be repurposed with smart "agile" devices that embrace Citrix Casting - https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2018/10/22/citrix-casting-enable-a-new-mobile-workspace/ so moving between floors or other buildings, all you need carry is a smart device within your company?


    In the next post of this series, I may focus on how I execute while still keeping productive. Or, do I discuss the importance of flexible workin? Hmmm...I’m not sure yet, but until next time, I hope that you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or ping directly on social media or DM via myCUGC.


    The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Citrix.

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