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  • The Future of Work is Today NOT Tomorrow - Part 1


    ljmartinrnd.png by Lyndon-Jon Martin, CTA, Citrix

    Hi, my name is Lyndon-Jon (L-J for short - as most folks call me). I work for Citrix and I'm also proud to be awarded Citrix Technology Advocate 2019. I recently changed focus within my current role to be geared towards customers in the field and with that change comes a different way of working, including rules of engagement, language, culture, etc.


    I personally don’t like carrying backpacks unnecessarily for any length of time as, on occasion, when my recurring sporting injury flares up, the tension headaches can become incredibly intensive and on a whole new level. Therefore, lugging around a backpack of any size or weight causes further inflammation and sadly, adds to the cause. It's worth pointing out that for me, there are also a few other important but personal reasons why I don’t like lugging a backpack around as I am sure some of you may have too.


    Okay, lets fast forward a week or two into my new field focus for my role and I’m lugging around a backpack which includes the following (in no particular order): my Apple MacBook, USB-C power cord + A/C adapter, hard paperback book + pen, 2x iPhones, another smaller bag which includes all a travel professional's stuff and needs like a multi-adapter for charging smart devices, umbrella (I live in London), a clicker, 1-2 snack bars (back-to-back meetings anyone?), Citrix X1 mouse, USB-C to HDMI and a USB adapter, etc. (I’m bored).


    It's full of stuff I’m not always going to use but might need right?


    As we all begin transiting to a new state for the workplace vs. workspace on our own terms with(out) Citrix, it’s important to recognise that everything in my or your own backpack/suitcase is at home and also in the office. Really? Yes. It's so you don’t have to carry it around (backpack) and just the bare essentials, whatever it is for you: a MacBook, Chromebook or Windows 10 laptop and obviously, your smart phone. Now, how many of you have a docking station, or better yet, an extra power cord + A/C adapter at home and in the office? Or those fancy mouses, keyboards and curved or multi-monitors?


    Thats a lot of extra stuff you may (may not) utilise all time, but to be agile and light you do it anyway, so that your workspace can move with you.


    Step into the “The Future of Work” today. I quickly recognised this is definitely NOT the way I want to work today and definitely NOT tomorrow either, thank you. I have equally been analysing how I have been working and how effective it is for me and what is not vs. the practicality of my flexible workspace. I made a list of what I do, what I need to do in the field and how would I need to consume vs. deliver and execute from within my Citrix Workspace. Now, it’s very, very important to recognise that consuming vs. creating within a workspace are two very different personas (by default any identified persona has personas within a defined persona I recognise) but they can coexist jointly in the field consumer model where right vs. relevant.


    So how do I get to the “The Future of Work”? Well, I work for Citrix after all, and therefore I can choose to consume my LOB resources (notice not apps) + content on any (earned + trusted) device, anytime from anywhere from my Citrix Workspace – https://www.citrix.com/lp/digital-workspace.html. The choice component here is vital to the successful transformation of any current workplace + workspaces today towards the future or desired state equivalents of the workspace + workplace while supporting and nurturing the correct culture from the boardroom to the field. A Citrix Workspace always has and continues to allow me as an employee and equally our customers and partners to consume vs. create within your/my flexible workspace on my/your own terms, in a setting of your/my own choosing to get work done.


    At Citrix we talk about “The Future of Work.” The reality is that you can actually deliver this capability to your employees today. Yes, today and not tomorrow!

    On 12/03/2019, I decided be bold and embrace “The Future of Work” today against the consumer + execution persona to my flexible workspace in the field and then switch to the creating persona only when required (for example, at home or in our Paddington offices on a larger device) and ditch that backpack! As an employee, I am choosing to consume the right vs. relevant (earned + trusted) device + LOB resources to get work done on my own terms in a setting that suits me or wherever my feet take me on the streets in and around London and wider UK based upon my work calendar.

    In wrapping up part 1 of my new blog series, when adopting “The Future of Work” or a flexible vs. digital workspace, remember that at Citrix, we've recognised for a very long time, in fact since before I started at Citrix in 2012, that “Work is No Longer A Place.” For me, that all began with “Citrix mobile work-styles” – https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2012/04/17/take-your-office-anywhere-with-citrix-mobile-workstyles/. Finally, to any folks that currently live and work within the United Kingdom, if you are not already aware, please check out and visit the UK Government's microsite on "Flexible Working" -https://www.gov.uk/flexible-working. I think you will be most pleased.

    In the next post of this series, I’ll explore what I actually carry with me (it's evolved already) including how I consume vs. execute and deliver demos, presentations and do work using my Citrix Workspace OR I may switch it around and discuss what LOB resources keeps me most productive + connected to people and content OR why Flexible Working is so essential today regardless of technologies and work.


    The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Citrix.

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