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    simongottschlagrnd.png.313c3867c700dee5dd2c54acb43a490a.png by Simon Gottschlag, CTP

    I'm so excited! It's my third time going to the United States, and my third time going there because of Citrix. My first visit to the United States was alone, and to Fort Lauderdale, FL, to help Citrix Education with a NetScaler Exam. The second time was to Las Vegas with my co-worker and great friend, Linus, to Citrix Summit. Now, it's to Orlando and Citrix Synergy!

    I hadn't actually planned to go to Orlando this year, and I have another conference to go to at the exact same time. This means I need to split my time between the two conferences and will be in Orlando Saturday-Tuesday and then I'll go back to Europe and attend the other conference Wednesday-Saturday. I haven't travelled this much, ever. It will be interesting to see how I cope with the lag but it will be worth it–because I will meet all my fellow CTPs and Citrix employees.

    Since I won't be attending much else other than the pre-conference and the keynote (and perhaps some sessions as well on Tuesday), that's what I'm looking forward to. We've got a full schedule with most of the Citrix PMs and my best guess is these meetings will be even more hardcore than the meetings we've had online since I became a part of the group.

    But what am I looking forward to the most? I'm actually not sure, but I do look forward to everything. Especially meeting everyone–CTPs, Citrix Employees, other partners and customers. Who knows, I may even meet Kirill (if I'm lucky!).

    I'm at least sure of one thing, I'm going to have a really great time and I will (as always) learn a lot.

    I think that's about it, and if you're at Synergy as well–send a tweet my way!

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