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  • Synergy 2016 Guest Speakers Announced!


    laurecetinrnd.png.41d4bc5df2a87efc6bf95cfbce7e136f.png by Laure Cetin, Citrix

    You may have noticed that Citrix recently announced the list of guest speakers for Synergy 2016. You can see all the details on the citrix.com blog.

    The theme this year is "unsung IT heroes," those who "work in the background to keep your organizations running smoothly." Below is a list of the talented individuals that were selected.

    34 speakers will present a total of 39 sessions. And here is an interesting breakdown:

    • 24 are CUGC members - that's close to 70%, which shows the community spirit of people who like to share their knowledge at events like Synergy
    • 18 are CTPs (Citrix Technology Professionals)
    • 7 are user group leaders
    • 2 are CUGC moderators

    Jarian Gibson - CTP, UG leader

    Kees Baggerman - CTP, UG leader

    Eduardo Molina - UG leader

    Martijn Bosschaart

    Jim Moyle - CTP

    Andrew Wood - CTP, UG leader

    Helge Klein - CTP

    Bas van Kaam - CTP, CUGC moderator

    Wilco van Bragt - CTP

    Sam Jacobs - CTP

    Ruben Spruijt - CTP

    Aaron Parker - CTP

    Connie Barrera - CTP

    Esther Barthel - CTP, CUGC moderator

    Alexander Ervik Johnsen - CTP

    Thomas Poppelgaard - CTP

    Shane O'Neill

    Paul Stansel - CTP, UG leader

    Thorsten Rood - CTP

    Andy Paul

    Andrew Morgan - CTP

    Jack Madden

    Chris Rogers - CTP, UG leader

    Mick DiGrazia

    Mark Henry

    Michael Kutyna

    Tom Calo

    Birgit Koellmer

    John Wilson - UG leader

    Brian Madden

    Brett Taylor

    Steven Kaplan

    Tucker Gibson

    Umesh Kaul

    Congrats for being selected this year and good luck with your presentations!

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