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  • SoCal XL 2019 Recap


    jonbucud19rnd.png.12d3779148b4da43c5f7ca07470a81e2.png by Jon Bucud, CTA, San Diego CUGC Leader


    Thanks to your support and participation, we were able to pull off a great event in San Diego, CA for the EUC Community!   


    In title, this was the #SoCalXL, but we are excited to say there was great representation from the greater Southwest region. We had participants flying out from as far as Las Vegas for the event and great support from our CUGC family members in Phoenix on hand. Needless to say, our community continues to amaze me. It goes without question that our community is stronger because of YOU!


    Regarding content, oh boy was there no shortage of great technical content! We had the pleasure of taking in an all-star lineup of guest speakers. 

    • Citrix CTP Jarian Gibson, @JarianGibson, took us on a journey focusing on O365 in Citrix; highlighting user persona and application specific profile management options. 
    • Citrix CTP Joe Shonk, @JoeShonk, reminded us to always be mindful of your “Optimizations” in his Unoptimize your System for Greater Scalability, Reliability and Stability. 
    • Citrite Ron Oglesby, @RonOglesby, schooled us on the difference between Machine Learning and AI; meanwhile giving us an in-depth preview of Performance Analytics. 
    • Citrix CTP Patrick Coble, @VDIHacker, scared us straight in his Security War Stories session. 


    Best of all, there were great conversations had across the board. Discussions were driven by all spectrums, as the crowd had representation from help desk, to day-to-day Citrix admins, to system architects, it was great to see such interaction and energy coming from the crowd.  

    Knowledge wasn’t the only thing the attendees left with either! Citrix Principal SE Roy Tokeshi was generous enough to create these epic phone holders to ensure no one left empty-handed. 



    But on top of the great swag for everyone, both CUGC and our sponsors were on top of the prizes galore for those that participated in the CUGC Sponsor Passport program, Social Media contests and raffles. 


    Of course, we could not have made this even possible without the help of our gracious sponsors: Citrix, ControlUp, IGEL, Liquidware, Numecent, Nutanix, and Tricerat. Each sponsor had the opportunity to bring our attendees up to speed on each of their exciting offerings. 


    A heartfelt thanks to Jennifer Gibbons, Stephanie Boozer and Kimberly Ruggero for making the trek from HQ to San Diego as well! 


    Last but not least, a big thank you to our team of the SoCal CUGC leaders, who put in countless hours of time, all on top of their day gigs to assist in planning and going above and beyond to reach out to the community and promote the event. How about a hand for Mike Streetz @O_P, Josh Bernstein, and Dan Costello @djcostello, whose combined efforts ensured the event went off without a hitch!



    Thank you to all, we hope to see you all at our local CUGC meetings in 2020! 

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