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  • My Citrix Synergy 2017 Top 5's


    mariussandburnd.jpg by Marius Sandbu, CTP, Norway CUGC

    Being a first-time CTP and Synergy Attendee, I wanted to use this post to share some of the agenda and stuff I’m most excited about when it comes to the conference.

    Of course, when going to these types of conferences, it is important to plan properly using the session catalogWith such a long list of sessions going in parallel, it’s difficult to see all sessions at once. So, plan properly for those you want to see live, and know that some of the sessions also get published later on Citrix TV.

    Regardless of how your agenda looks, the most important sessions of all are the keynotes on Tuesday: first the Vision keynote, and then the Technology keynote, where all the new tech goodies are announced!

    So, top 5 things I’m looking forward to at Synergy this year:

    1. As a CTP and Microsoft MVP on Azure, I often get involved in deployments on Microsoft Azure, if you also are looking at how Citrix should be deployed in Azure I suggest you add this session to your agenda:  SYN318: A to Z: Best Practices for delivering XenApp and XenDesktop from Microsoft Azure Using Citrix Cloud

    2. With Unidesk now part of Citrix, I’m really interested to see how it will fit into the Citrix portfolio but also to see all of the new capabilities which came in the recent releases. And, if you, like me, are looking forward to using Citrix Unidesk for app layering, I suggest you add this session to your agenda: SYN103: XenApp and XenDesktop App Layering

    3. With identity now becoming the new firewall and mixing different identity source and federation, there are tons of different things we need consider, including how to properly configure this. Therefore, you should add this to your agenda as well: SYN312: Authentication: Deep Dive on Citrix Solutions

    4. What I often find when attending conferences is that I get the most valuable information just talking with people discussing issues or solutions, therefore you should look at the Hot Topics Roundtables. The Roundtables consist of different Citrix professionals within certain areas who are there to answer questions or just have a discussion. You will also find the Hot Topics Roundtables in the session agenda as well!

    5. My own sessions! I am fortunate/lucky enough to be hosting a session of my own at Synergy, which I am really looking forward to as well. The session will focus on Access and Authentication features in a Citrix Environment and will be part of the Fireside Chat area. I am also one of the few individuals who will be part of the Hot Topics Roundtables where I will be focusing on Cloud Services.

    I look forward to seeing everybody there! Come by and say hi!

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